Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lots of honey!!

This week I checked the bees to see if supers needed to be added. I did not have to add any supers to the hives this week, but hive four is starting to cap lots of honey and will probably need one next weekend.  We have 4 supers on this hive.  You can usually get 30+ pounds of honey from one super.  Hive two has almost no bees and no queen.  It has been a failing hive all spring.  This was the best hive last year and we think the queen overworked herself last summer.  Hive 1 and 3 are working on filling but, at this time don't have any large amounts of honey we can take.

With hive 4 capping honey I will have some frames to pull for my August 9th Extraction Demo.  You are welcome to come see my hives and how honey is extracted starting at 1 pm at our Cabin in Hinckley, MN. See my Extraction Weekend blog post for more details.