Sunday, April 26, 2015

Late April update

My bees didn't make it over the winter this year so I had to buy some more bees.  I bought 4 - 2 lb packages of Italian bees and they came in on April 11th.  We picked up the bees and drove up to Hinckley to install the bees.
Explaining how to install packages to Girl Scouts and a First Year Beekeeper
My mom was having her Girl Scout Troop up to our cabin for a campout.  Some of the Girl Scouts were interested in seeing how the bees were installed and we had some extra veils. Dad's friend also came along because he is getting bees this year too.  I hived all 4 packages of bees and then we went to Dad's friends place to hive two more of his pacakges.  It was a busy day.  I think the bees were happy to have a new home.

Dumping in a package of bees

Installing more bees

You guessed it, more bees.