Thursday, February 28, 2013

Science Project Ideas

Zander has started looking into some ideas for his science project next year. He would like to do a project that involves beekeeping. Here are some ideas he has for his project so far.

1. City Bee/Country Bee - He has two new hives and he will have two packages of bees showing up sometime mid-April. He was thinking about keeping one hive at our house in Roseville, MN and one at a farm up in Hinckley, MN. Over the course of the summer he wants to periodically check the health of the bees and see which hive is doing better. He wants to measure 1)overall health of the bees (based on the number of bees and the lack or presence of disease and 2)honey production. His hypothesis is that the country bees will be healthier and produce more honey.

2. Bee Memory - He wants to create a set of "cards" with different colors and pattern on them and then place the cards in a clear plastic bag and then cover one of them with a sugar/water syrup. Then he is going to change the card that has the syrup mix on it and see how the bees react. His hypothesis is that the bees will be able to recognize the pattern and/or color and go to the pattern at least for a little while until they figure it out.

3. Any other ideas?