Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zander picking up supplies at Nature's Nectar in Stillwater, MN

We visited Nature's Nectar LLC in Stillwater, MN this morning to pick up Zander's beekeeping equipment.  

Zander was originally going to go with one hive but based on suggestions from books he read and the owner, we ended up  going with 2 hives.  Having two hives allows you to better compare and contrast how the bees are doing.

Zander trying on his Beekeeper suit
Zander all suited up

We also decided to go with the un-assembled hives as they cost less and we felt that it would be more fun to put them together ourselves.

Here is the list of equipment and bees Zander has to start his adventure:
  • 2 packages of 3lb Italian bees (should arrive sometime mid-April)
  • 4 deep hive bodies, commercial grade
  • 4 medium supers, commercial grade
  • 2 screen bottom boards
  • 2 Telescoping covers with inner covers
  • 40 frames for the deep hives
  • 40 frames for the supers
  • 1 bee suit
  • 1 set of leather ventilated gloves
  • 1 hive tool
  • 1 bee brush
  • 1 smoker 
  • 2 gallon feeder pails
  • 2 pre-formed pollen patties

Nature's Nectar was busy this morning.  Met several nice and helpful people including David from Little Canada Minnesota who was kind enough to give us his number to answer any questions that might come up along the way.  Zander is excited about putting the hives together and painting them.  However, that will need to wait until his homework is finished.  :)