Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready for bees

Dad, my brother, and I put some linseed oil on the inside of the hives on Sunday.  Our neighbors were curious about what we were doing and they stopped over to visit.  I showed them all the bee stuff and the parts of a bee hive.  They thought it was a nice bee hive and were excited that the bees would probably pollinate their flowers.

My dad and mom setup the electric fence to keep the bears out of the bee yard on Saturday.  We didn't have a fence tester and none of us wanted to test it by touching it.  It makes noise so we think it will work.  If you are interested in testing the fence for us, let me know.  We have seen Black Bears up there in the past.  Bears coming out of hibernation in the spring are especially hungry for honey and bees. 

We saw our first bee while we were showing the neighbors our hives.  It was a honeybee and it landed on one of the hive frames so we took a picture.
My first honeybee visitor

First wasp coming to rob the hive

Me explaining the hives to Gary and Gail

My putting linseed oil in the hives.  This is supposed to help with mites.

Me and my brother Cole in the Bee yard.

Let me know if you like my Blog.   My bees should show up on Saturday morning and I'm excited to start beekeeping!  I plan to record my activities in the blog.