Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring sprung?

Last weekend Zander and I moved the beehive stand out to the location he decided on.  The snow was almost gone.  This weekend the snow made another cameo appearance.  Fortunately the bees don't arrive for another couple of weeks.  Zander's two packages of bees are on the second load and that is scheduled to be delivered on May 1st. 

Zander's beehives have their second coat of paint on them and everything is ready to go except the electric fence to keep the bears out.  The ground is still frozen so we are hoping for some warm weather to we can get the grounding rods down and the fence posts up.  Zander is looking forward to the second half of his Beekeeping class next Saturday.  If all goes well, he will get a chance to watch the instructor install a package of bees and learn what to do with them for the first few weeks.  Our freezer has a couple of pollen patties in it so we can make sure the bees have something to eat until the flowers come out.

Here is the latest picture of Zanders "Apiary":