Monday, June 17, 2013

Catching up - June 9th

We didn't get a chance to post the pictures from last weekend.  Posting them now to catch up.  Bees were doing good.  Queens were laying eggs and brood was developing.  Each hive still had 3 frames not built out.  Not quite ready to add another deep hive body.  We will do that next weekend.

Making a larger entrance for the bees by turning it.  Bees were waiting their turn to get in and out of the hive.  This should help them bring more pollen and nectar in.

Opening up the second hive with the hive tool.  Bees are clustered where the feeder pail was.

When we took out one of the frames we found some comb the bees had made.  We think they did this because we left too much space between the frames and the bees filled it in.

In this picture you can see that the queen is doing a pretty good job.  We have a nice brood pattern.  If she was weak or wasn't good, there would be a lot more empty cells.

We spotted a Drone on one of the frames.  He is the one with the big eyes.  Drones don't do much.

Mom took a picture of one of the bees gathering nectar from a dandelion.