Monday, May 27, 2013

2nd Hive Inspection

These are the latest pictures as of 5/27/2013.  I did my 2nd hive inspection.  Bees are looking good and working hard.

Bees bees and more bees

The camera cut off the feeder pail, but I'm lifting it.

Bees and wax.  The frame is heavy.  This is a new hive and the bees need to build out the wax foundation.  They need lots of syrup to help them build faster.

If you look close you will see larva in the cells.  They are white and shaped like a  "c".

Marking the Queen haven't named them yet.  Other bee's kept jumping on the marker.

Lifting inner cover.

Prying inner cover off.

Frames with bees

It's the Queen (-: She's fast.