Saturday, May 4, 2013

The bees have been hived!

My dad and I bringing the bees out.  We picked them up Friday night and kept them in the cabin all night.

Taking the queen out of the package.  I'm holding my hand over the hole so the bees don't fly out.
Queen in her special case.  She comes in her own cage so the other bees get used to her.  We removed the cork and put a marshmallow in the hole.  Then the bees eat the marshmallow and release the queen.
Dad spraying syrup on the frames while I get the bees ready to dump in.

Taking the plug out of the queen case.  We then plugged it with a mini-marshmallow.  It will take the bees about 3 hours to get her out
Dumping bees into the hive
It was hard to get the bees to go in the hive.  Had to knock them in.

Moving the bees so we can get the frames it.  You can't see it very well but there were about 3-4 inches of bees in a big pile in the bottom of the hive.
Putting feeder on hive.  Tomorrow I'll check to see if they are under the feeder.

Closed the hive.  We will check it tomorrow.  Hopefully it warms up.  It was about 38 F when we put the bees in.  Some of them got cold and didn't make it.