Sunday, May 5, 2013

Both queens have been released

We went out at 1:00 pm to check on the 2nd hive.  That went smoother then the first hive.  We had opened up the entrance to the 2nd hive earlier.  I checked and there were lots of bees under the feeder pail.  This time we didn't drop the queen cage but she hadn't been released yet.  It had been 24 hours and they still didn't release her.  I got a nail and pulled a little of the marshmallow out so it was looser.  Then I closed up the hive and came back at 4:00 pm and they had finally released the queen.  I closed up the hive and let the bees do what bees do.

Gary and Gail came over and I showed them the bee yard and showed them how the bees come in a package and how you release them.  They were afraid of getting stung so they left.  

Dad went to the hardware store and got a cheap electric fence tester.  He couldn't get it working so he thought the fence wasn't working.  He touched the fence and found out that it was working fine.  I think Dad will buy a more expensive tester next time.

Here are some pictures of the hives...
My bees getting their orientation flights in.

Both packages of bees are in.

Another picture of the bees flying back to the hive.